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How to upgrade OBP?

How to reset system to use keyboard & screen?

How to find all scsi devices in OK prompt?

How to reboot system into alternative disk through network?

How to assign device aliases and change boot device?

How to remove devalias entry?
How to show PROM information?

How to enable auto-reboot from PROM?

How to Boot System into Alternative Root Device & Kernel (/etc/system)?

How to disable keyboard as input-device?

How to use eeprom to modify Sun ROM parameters?

How to remove firmware password?

How to disable break signal when plugin console cable?


How to initially configure XSCF in M4000?

Frequently used XSCF Commands:


Light Out Management Packages:

How to upgrade firmware of SunFire V1280? (Must down through Serial Port)

How to configure LOM on SunFire V1280 on Sun's Best Practics?

How to setup LOM for SunFire V210?

How to display System Board information of SunFire V1280?

How to shutdown & start SC & OS of SunFire V1280?

How to backup system configuration of SunFire V1280?

How to replace System Board in SunFire V1280 using CFGADM?


How to setup RSC card ethernet interface?

How to setup RSC login users?

Common Operations

How to redirect console output to RSC (for 280R, 480 & 880)?

How to configure email alert of ALOM reported errors?

Supported Platform

Command utility to manage ALOM configuration?

ALOM NetMgt Port doesn't work?

How to redirect console output to ALOM (for 210, 240 and 440)?

Display Alom firmware version:


Sending a Break

How to send an Escape in ILOM console?

How to initial configure ILOM?

How to upgrade ILOM firmware with X4100 (Sun X86)?

Note: X4100 & X4100M2 have different processor (M2 is AMD Opteron 2000 series processors). Their firmware is different. Below is firmware for M2.

Update Firmware


System Control Network Settings (MAN Network)

For E25K, the SC is CP2140 and need to be set as auto-neg. SC has 3 different networks:

15K IO slot location:

C5V0 --> /dev/cfg/c0 --> top right
C5V1 --> /dev/cfg/c1 --> top left
C3V1 --> /dev/cfg/c2 --> bottom left
C3V0 --> /dev/cfg/c3 --> bottom right

25K IO slot location:

Replace C5V1 with C3V2.


How to reset a repeated panic domain (or domain hang and didn't response to break signal)?

Add a board into domain

Add a IO board into domain

Remove IO board out of domain

Move a board out of domain

Move a board from one domain to another

Blacklist files for the platform and the domain (two files are considered logically concatenated.):

How to enable component in ASR blacklist?

How to poweron/off individual component?

Check whether the board contain permanent memory

SMS Operations

Why DR is not working for certain domains?

3800 SC

How to send a break in Domain Console: Ctrl+] ---> send break

How to escape back to sc?

Procedures of swap system board in 6800?

How to configure 2 partitions in 3800?

Upgrade Firmware 5.12.x to 5.17.x?

How to reset Master System Controller?

How to disconnect other console sessions when the console connection is refused?

Navigate between different shells? Refer to Infodoc 43631.

Power Recycle of SunFire 6800?

After work is done, poweron the SunFire Rack


How to redirect Linux console output in V40z?

Commands to display hardware information?

How to configure Solaris X86 output to LOM (platform console)?

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